Bag Ban Watch


Earlier this week I went to the grocery store for the first time since the bag ban was put into effect, and I was so excited to see that there were no single use plastic bags present at any of the registers. Every shopper came loaded with their own reusable bags, and those that forgot were given a sturdy reusable plastic bag. As excited as I am to see this transformation, many Texans are not quite as thrilled. Both the Texas Retailers Association and the The Young Conservatives of Texas plan to fight the ban with a lawsuit that claims the ban violates the law and individual liberties. If they succeed in removing the ban, they may also prevent it from being adopted by other cities.  It is more important than ever to show your support when you’re shopping. If Austin successfully implements this ban, it could spark a movement all over the nation. I think this ban deserves a fair try, and we have yet to see the full effect.  I’ve included the link to an article that describes the argument of the groups opposing the ban. Whether or not you agree, it’s important to know both sides of the story in order to form an educated opinion. As for me, I support this ban whole heartedly, and I’ll continue to be proud when I see Austinites far and wide with reusable bags instead of plastic!

Group Says Bag Ban Violates State Law



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