Baseball Recycling!


Ever since 2008, every Major League Baseball stadium has incorporated to some degree initiatives concerning energy, water conservation, waste diversion and recycling among other things. If Major League Baseball can create green initiatives for its stadiums why can’t we do the same here at UT for our baseball stadium?

Well, this is the first year UT will be recycling at the Disch-Falk Field. Currently, there has been very minimal recycling done at the stadium. Trash cans outnumber recycling cans about 3 to 1. In addition, signage and information about recycling is nowhere to be found. However, starting in April, the stadium will have an equal number of trash and recycling cans that will be placed in more efficient locations and with proper signage to educate attendees on what items are recyclable and which are trash.

In addition, we will have volunteers educate and assist attendees with their waste disposal by monitoring the trash and recycling bins and by patrolling the aisles during the 5th and 7th innings collecting recyclables. Hopefully with these initiatives we will divert more waste from the landfill.

In order to make this pilot program a success we need volunteers. If you are interested please contact me, Lauren, at .  You can earn money for your organization, watch the game for free, and support both your team and your university!

Let’s make UT athletics green!



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