Recycling: 101

As the Recycling Assistant Director, I get a lot of questions about how to recycle and why it’s good to do so. I’ll let the Sanitation Twins reveal many recycling myths, then will happily say none are true.

At UT, there are some areas of recycling separation between paper, aluminum cans, and plastics (as demonstrated in the SAC and DHFS locations) but within Athletics and the city of Austin, most recycling is Single Steam. This means all recyclable items are able to be thrown in the same bin–including glass. E-waste must still be taken back to the retailer of purchase, or dropped off with UT’s Engineers for a Sustainable World, but for the most part, the confusion about how to recycle should be completely debunked.

It’s so easy to recycle! Think about it– almost anything you throw away is recyclable except for food. And if you are eating at or around DHFS locations, then you can compost it– leaving you as a zero waste citizen!

If there’s one thing the twins got right, is that recycling does in fact produce GOOD VIBES! And who doesn’t want a dose of that?

And as always, remember to Reduce, Reuse, THEN Recycle.



2 thoughts on “Recycling: 101

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