America Recycles Day

Hey Longhorns

Remember that time in your childhood,
before you were a longhorn,
before you even dreamed of coming to UT–don’t be a die-hard you know there was a time–
all the way back to when you’d eat your fruity loops and watch cartoon network.

When Ed, double D, and eddy dropped this bomb on the world:

Ed: “Let’s drive to the city, fellas!”
Edd: “We’re too young to drive, Ed.”
Ed: “My dad has a shovel.”
Eddy: “Well, I say if we can’t go to the city, let’s bring the city to the cul-de-sac!”
Edd: “I suppose I should find some tape.”
Ed: “Not to mention a duck.”

Is it coming back? good. Because this year…


…and rekindling your childhood passion.


The next 65 days:
Countdown to more that 3,500 boxes.
Selection of student presentations on sustainability and waste recovery
Competition to select for this year’s 2013 box castle design

On November 15th:
In 5 hours, a team will erect the world’s largest box castle
Inside: an exhibition of sustainability sciences and waste recovery at UT
Outside: carnival attractions and live music


email to get involved.

Hook ’em


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