October 2013: Food Justice Month + Halloween Events!

Here at the Campus Environmental Center, we have designated a theme for each month of the year. This month is Food Justice Month! There are a variety of ways in which someone could define food justice, but one of my personal favorites is the description offered here: What is Food Justice?

For our first meeting of the month, we had a guest speaker from In.gredients who taught us a great deal about food waste. I was very surprised to learn just how much unnecessary waste we create, both at home & in our grocery stores:

There are a number of small changes that we can make to reduce our individual food waste. Here is a list of 5 simple changes that you can make!

Our second Food Justice meeting was DELICIOUS! Chef Robert Mayberry showed us how to make delicious pesto and grilled vegetable skewers – it was a wonderful treat!!! We also discussed access to healthy nutrition and local, organic foods.

Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 11.36.04 AM

We’ve been having such a great month here at the CEC and we hope that YOU will join us for our meetings! We meet every Wednesday from 6:30pm to about 7:30/8pm in PAR 206. For the rest of the month, we are looking at some more ways to incorporate food justice along with Halloween, into our meetings! Join us as we have a Zombie Preparedness/Apocalyptic Preparation meeting and a Halloween DYI Meeting!!!


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