America Recycles Day!

Hi Everyone!

We at the Campus Environmental Center are very excited about our upcoming event that will take place this Friday, November 15th in celebration of America Recycles Day! Its so thrilling to see our hard work and things that we have planned for months finally turn into reality!

With that said, please make sure to join us on this very special day! This event will take place at Gregory Plaza ¬†from 8 am to 10 pm where we will be building the largest ever University-built Box Castle, which represents UT’s commitment to recycling!

Aside from this great exhibit, there will also be a Sustainability Fair and a Recycling Bin Decorating Contest which will show students different green organizations on campus and groups that also help out in UT’s recycling initiative and its switch to single stream recycling! Come by and “recycle” your vote to help the best recycling bin win a prize! The Office of Sustainability will also be offering great prizes for the best tweets or Instagram posts about recycling! To enter include #utrecycles in your photos and tweets!

So what is single stream recycling?

It’s easy! Instead of sorting out your recyclables and putting them in different bins, you can put all your recyclables (such as papers, plastics, glass, etc) in one bin! This means that you can toss in all your recyclables into the new blue bins that are around campus! This is a great accomplishment for UT due to its large size and at the same time we’ll be able to recycle more across the 40 acres!

Here’s a fun video about Single-Stream Recycling made by Santee Cooper from South Carolina(:

So invite your friends and stop by this Friday at Gregory Plaza for fun and games!(:
We hope to see you there and Hook ‘Em! (:
-Mary F.

Recycling AD


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