Food on a Plate for Everyone

Hey guys!

I hope everyone had a good first weeks of classes and an amazing labor day weekend. For those international students like me, I hope you celebrated this past weekend, the 15th and 16th of September at large. Sadly, I do want to remind everyone, exams are coming up so be ready!!

I wanted to share with everyone the issue about hunger in the US. There is hunger in the US but isn’t it ironic that it correlates with obesity? There are around 50 million Americans who suffer from hunger. And what I mean by that, is that they are not able to afford food, especially healthy food like vegetables, fruits, meats, etc. It is amazing how a McDonalds can be cheaper than a healthy combination of veggies and meats for a meal. There are those who blame the government reducing funding over the years on Food Stamps, and that meals in public schools are $2.98, thus why kids are not receiving the proper combination of foods to obtain the required nutrients and proteins to grow healthy. There are also those who believe we should blame the problem on the media and the lack of proper education. They say with media increasing the promotion of the consumption of fast foods along with a lack of more educational infomercials about eating healthy has caused younger generations to become more addicted to these kinds of meals, and the parents let them. Kids are dying at a very high rate because of this problem. Kids grow up with health problems and diseases that could have been prevented if they ate an apple daily rather than a bag of chips for lunch. Mothers who cannot afford buying the healthier foods want a change because they can’t just stop feeding their children when the only healthy food they receive is from a charity once a month. Families have become more and more dependent on charities rather than using it as an extra help for an extreme moment. Fresh fruits and vegetables sometimes do not reach smaller towns with only a couple of convenience stores, and mothers sometimes do not have the means to travel for an hour to the next town for food. What is going on? Something has to be done. I believe there has to be a common ground which government officials can reach and agree upon. It is also about educating the kids about pursuing to eat healthy and avoid fast foods. It is a merging of both that I personally think, would be the best option.

There is a film about this called A Place at the Table and anyone can find it on Netflix or the internet but it is really amazing. It is a documentary but narrated with real life stories. It is important that we keep these issues in our minds to become more aware and actually do something about it, as an individual who is part of this community.


– Rosa


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