Biodiversity Loss

Why is biodiversity important? Is it really an issue if there aren’t so many species on Earth? The answer is yes, because biodiversity is key to the productivity of ecosystems, and all species play a vital role. A large number of plant species means that there are a greater variety of crops, and with plenty of species diversity, ecosystems become naturally sustainable and can better recover from disasters. Although it is difficult trying to put a monetary value on biodiversity, there are many markets that rely on genetic resources. An estimated 40% of world trade is based on biological products.

So what kind of world do we want to live in? Many of our animals are a threat to being extinct, many of our agricultural crops has been lost, and many of our fisheries has been over-exploited. So many of our resources are under various pressures, from corporate globalization, deforestation, etc. If we continue down this path, the resulting problems could be very costly to reverse. To combat biodiversity loss, we need to create protected areas where human activity is limited so that issues such as deforestation is lessened and the lives of organisms are protected. Sustainability (a key part of CEC) is also an important factor; sustainable agriculture is much better than grazing or cropping that rely on clearing forest or field. Informing society of biodiversity loss is also vital, because the more people are aware of it the more likely we will prepare for it.

– Ezra



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