No need to fear, the Compost Pedallers are here?!

When most people think about ‘trash’ only tow things come to mind. Those are landfill and recycle. It’s said that if your trash was dumped in the ground and sorted, that at least 30% of it is compostable! That 30% less that would be sent to the landfill and 30% more that can be converted into what compost enthusiast call “Black Gold”.

compost handsPPT

East Side Compost Pedallers is a relatively new project that started within the Austin area whose main focus is to deliver household scraps to those willing to compost. Taking the extra step in making this project as green as possible, the don’t run their bussiness on fuel, but on FAT! That’s right! East Side Compost Pedallers run their compost routes on bikes! A pedaller himself said, “At the moment we’re limiting them to 25 hours a week, because this is very physically demanding work,” he said. “There’s no breaks in between, just a lot of carrying loads of up to 500 pounds each. You hit a brick wall eventually.” These compost Pedallers are not only helping a cause, but getting their cardio in at the same time!

compost pedallers MadeleineFroncek-24.jpg.838x0_q80

Currently they have 16 routes and with those routes have saved almost 500,000 pounds of waste from the landfills. For a small fee of $16 dollars you can have your compost taken up, but you would have to be on a waitlist because the demand is so high! Amazing! 46% of Austin’s stream of waste can be converted in to compost and with the “Little Compost Pedallers That Could” we could lower that number!

Interested in more?! Watch this video to see it in action!

In biking, composting, and green waste we trust!

– Carlos J. Nino



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