Home-Grown in the Big City

It is very easy to want to make the decision to grow some of your own food in your back yard garden,  but for apartment dwellers who lack a yard this task can seem impossible. Many people who live in the city express the desire to be closer to nature; what can make you more close than from growing life inside your own apartment?

The biggest issue with an apartment garden is deciding where to have it located. Popular areas such as on a fire escape or a patio offer an outside are perfect for growing some of your favorite seasonal vegetable. If these are not options don’t get discouraged. There are still options available for you, you may  just have to get a little bit creative. Hanging gardens are becoming very popular around the city, but landlords may have some issues with drilling into the building. If everything else fails you can always have a classic window box garden.

After deciding where your secret garden will be located, you need to decide on what you would like to grow. You should pick something that will be in season in your area. Aspects such as temperature, water, sunlight, and size are all aspects that need consideration when purchasing seeds.

With all things trial and error will eventually yield the best results. You may have to change locations or types of seeds as well as some other factors before you find something that you want to grow, have room to grow, and possess the right factors to grow it well. After you figure out the perfect formula all you need to do is give your garden some tender love and care and enjoy the miracle of growing your own food in the concrete jungle.

-Michael Mott


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