12 Reasons why I bike everywhere

12 Reasons why I bike everywhere:

  1. You look like a bad-ass. One rolled up cuff, a sweet helmet, some bike shorts, done deal.
  2. You burn calories, not fuel. On an average commute, most people will burn 360 calories.
  3. Burning more calories means you can eat more delicious food. So, treat yourself to some ice cream, or whatever makes your mouth water.
  4. Biking gives you quads of steel, and who doesn’t like quads of steel. If you really feel like feeling the burn, crank those gears up!
  5. Biking promotes a healthy lifestyle. Biking reduces heart attack, cancer, bad attitude, you name it!
  6. You get places faster than walking.
  7. And sometimes you get places faster than driving. Traffic sucks, so stay out of it!
  8. You get to feel the wind in your face, and a drop in your belly when you go fast enough. Just be careful of traffic and wear a helmet.
  9. Biking is pretty inexpensive, about 30 times less expensive than owning and maintaining a car. Bikes cost a fraction of the cost of gas, they don’t require fuel, and repairs are pretty cheap.
  10. It’s a great stress relief. Moderate exercise, like biking, releases natural endorphins that make you feel less stressed, more energized, and happier. Bike to school, I promise you will feel more motivated.
  11. You don’t ever have to worry about a parking spot. About 20 standard bikes can be parked in the space of one parking spot. Dang!
  12. Biking builds community. Biking with a friend is like a mini road trip!


So get on a bike and have an awesome time!

– Gabrielle Stedman

CEC Co-Director


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