Benefits of Urban Green Space

Have you ever thought of the benefits of urban green spaces? These spaces range from small parks to grand ones like Central Park. Other than parks they include rivers, creeks, walk ways, and any other green areas in the city. All these places in the city give us and the environment many benefits.


For starters, they offer us a place to go for fresh air and to get away from the busy city life. Green spaces offer mental and physical benefits by removing us from the stressful urban environment. Green spaces create areas in the city where its calm, peaceful, natural, and more open, which could be an important amenity to have for those living in the city. They also provide us with spiritual and aesthetic amenities


Green spaces are also linked to positive growth and health. Having access to green spaces increases the amount of interaction between people and nature. There we do more exercise and have more fresh air. This is specifically important for young children’s development. It is important for a child’s development both physically and mentally to have access to and to use green spaces.

SITES Wildflower Center Example

Green spaces are also important for the environment. Having urban green space lowers temperatures in the city by lowering the heat island effect caused by the built environment. Green spaces are also ecologically important. They provide  biodiversity and ecosystem services. The less green space available in cities tends to cause more impervious cover that causes flooding and pollution of natural rivers and creeks.

images (1)

Its important that we take care of and add to urban green spaces. Austin is a lucky city to have access to many green spaces. Remember to take time from your urban life and go experience Austin’s green spaces to live a healthier life.


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