What’s Happening With Green Greeks

Hey y’all! The Green Greeks Committee has been meeting for the past few weeks to discuss our initiatives for the rest of the semester. We’ve got a bunch of ideas being bounced around and are excited to bring some of those to life in the next few weeks.


A few weeks ago was our first west campus cleanup of the semester. The day started with some coffee, breakfast tacos, and getting to know each other. We had a great turnout and collected a dozen bags of garbage and recyclables. People split off into groups and walked around campus picking up trash around the streets, on the Drag, and by the greek houses and apartments. Everyone really enjoyed it, and we can’t wait to hold another cleanup in about two weeks. We hope everyone can make it and look forward to topping our previous turnout!


We are currently looking into ways to integrate the Green Greeks Committee with greek events, such as roundup. We are excited about the possibilities of making this weekend-long event more sustainable. Some ideas we have thrown around include recycling bins – perfect for the crawfish boils, providing the houses with compostable cups and other items, and finding ways to clean up the garbage after the event.

Some other ideas we’ve had about getting the Greek system more involved with sustainability is holding some sort of competition among the houses and organizations, from who can waste the least electricity to who can recycle the most. These ideas will be discussed in further detail for the coming semester.

Going Forward

Some other ideas we look forward to implementing are making recycling kits to give to the houses and other Greek organizations, as well as making stickers to put next to light switches reminding students to turn them off if they are not in use. We also are looking into which houses already have recycling systems in place, and which houses still need this service.

Green Greeks has been doing so many exciting things lately, we cannot wait to see what we come up with next!


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